Mission Statement

New Faith Church provides an environment for authentic worship and effective Christian service. This is accomplished through Biblical preaching and teaching aimed at practical application. The congregant is encouraged to participate in ministries that will equip them to evangelize and live spirit filled lives.

Vision Statement

New Faith Church is a Christ centered congregation that worships, evangelizes and disciples.


For the realization of its Mission, the New Faith Church continuously seeks:

  • To diligently engage in the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ authentically and authoritatively;
  • To develop teaching strategies that will religiously educate the congregant in the history, doctrines, tenets, and practices of the Christian faith;
  • To develop effective evangelism and discipleship strategies;
  • To develop a variety of programs and ministries of specialization, with an inclination and orientation to Christian service; and
  • To create a liturgical environment through the Scriptures, prayers, and music offered to God during the worship experience, and to lead the congregant in the development of a life of devotion and praise.


When these goals are accomplished the New Faith Church:

  • Will actively proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ;
  • Will realize growth, development and maturation in the life of its congregants;
  • Will consistently shares its faith with those who are not of the “household of faith”;
  • Will foster ministries that meet the needs of individuals in all walks of life;
  • Will be an authentic worshipping congregation.

Core Values

We believe that there is only one true God, the Lord Jehovah, who is both transcendent and imminent. He is the Creator and Sustainer of the universe who condescended to our state of being that He might become the Incarnate Word. In the person of Jesus Christ He is our resurrected Savior who became our propitiation that we should not experience the wrath of God for sin, but find forgiveness and reconciliation. He is now the Holy Spirit living in and working through us that we might be empowered to live as He wills us to do according to His design for our lives. In the world to come the saints of the rapture will crown Him King of Kings and Lord of Lords and live eternally blissful in His presence. Accordingly we shall always:

  • Be witnesses to the reality of God, both in the sanctuary and the world, through the proclamation of the eternal truths found in the Word of God;
  • Be constant in effectual fervent prayer about all that we seek to do;
  • Be vigilant in our efforts to make disciples of all people of all age groups through religious education that they might persevere unto spiritual maturity;
  • Be ever mindful of our need to worship, praise and glorify God with our whole
    heart; and
  • Be consistently committed to the physical and fiscal support of the local Church
    and its mission imperative at home and abroad.

We’re excited that you’ve decided to visit us! You’ll feel a welcoming atmosphere from the very beginning of your New Faith Church experience with friendly smiles and greeters waiting to assist you.