Week of September 17, 2023


Chinitha Allen
Wanda Anthony
Jacquelyn Butler
Sandra Coleman Scott
John Daigre
Renelda Goff
Zharmetta Hardimon
J. W. Harper
Effie Kindle
Earl Russell

Celebration of Life Services


Deacon Danny & Rev. Angela Johnson & Family
Rev. Eric Jr. & Princess McMillan & Family

Extended Care Request | Sick and Special Concerns

Ruby Allen
Carl Atkins
Sheila Atkins
John & Johnnie Branch
Jackie Butler
Jerry Cheatham
Rev. Lovella Dickson
Elizabeth Duncan
Martin Flugence, Jr.
Dolores Garner
Debbie Hagins
Alvin Hargrove & Family
Margaret Henson
Olenda Ruth Ingram & Family
Eddie Johnson
Shirlene Johnson
Frieda Lucas
Sophie Lucas
Sharon McFarland
Mae McGee
Rev. Eddie & Joan Murphy & Family
Chester Owens
Rose Owens
Gill & Ollie Randle
Mary Shankle
Elwood Scott, Jr
Anngelica Taylor
Joseph & Juanita Thomas & Family
Rev. Kenneth Thomas
Gwenda Washington & Family 
Dawn Wesley 
Rhonda Wesley 
Alexander Williams Jr. & Family

Special Concerns

Morris Allen
Sammy August
Vanessa Beck
Harold & Elizabeth Bering
Saquania Blake & Family
Jon Bremond
Daniel & Pasty Doucet
Lionel Feazell & Family
Eric & Marcelle Fields & Family
Valencia Fletcher
Barbara Foster
Sherryl Frazier
Karen Garrett & Family
Bertha Goode-Hodge
Lawanna Hart
Faye Holloman & Family
Sonia Jackson & Family
Sofia Johnican & Family
Rev. Angela Johnson
Artis Johnson & Family
Linda Jones
Lydia Jones & Family
Rosalyn Jones
Wilbert Jones
Frank Kindle
Loretta Lyons
Jan Matthews
Mae McGee
Karen Miller
Rev. Vanessa Miller
Bonita Lizzie Malone
Marsha McKinney & Family
Daisy McKinney
Willie Mitchell
Judy Ned
Willie Parks
David & Teresa Pasley & Family
Athena Perkins
Jacqueline Preston
Betty Reed
Pearlie Russell
Jacqueline Seale
Deacon Harold & Pat Shanklin
Barbara Shavers & Family
Deenna Simples
Jeanetha Simpson & Family
Marva Skinner & Family
Bettye Smith
Dionne Smith
Connie Stevens
Collis & Nelda Taylor
Richard Taylor
Arlena Temple
Deacon Melvin & Eria Thomas & Family
Zetoria Thomas
Joe Valentine
Carolyn Washington
Johnnie White
Cheryl Wilkins
Gloria Williams
Rev. Kendra Wilson Hudson

Submitting a prayer request form is a simple and meaningful way to ask for support and guidance. Our team is committed to holding your prayer requests in confidence and offering our prayers on your behalf.