Week of May 12, 2024

Health Concerns

Faye Davis
Eric Fields
Rev. Will Fortune
Jerry Glover
Linda Jones Hartmann
Reginald Prawl
Earl Russell
Mary Shankle
Van Skinner
Prince Smith
Brenda F. Waters
Gloria Williams
Rosa Word


Deacon Danny & Rev. Angela Johnson 
The Family of Yvonne Prawl  
Arlena Temple & Family 
Leon Temple & Family 
Larry & Avonne Walker & Family  

Celebration of Life Services

Rebecca Temple
New Faith Church Family Life Center
May 18, 2024 Viewing 10:00AM | Service 11:00AM

Extended Care Request Sick and Special Concerns

Wanda Anthony 
John & Johnnie Branch 
Gwen Brown  
Jackie Butler  
Angela & Jerry Cheatham 
Rose Dawson 
Elizabeth Duncan  
Martin Flugence, Jr.  
Barbara Foster 
Dolores Garner 
Debbie Hagins 
Alvin Hargrove & Family 
Margaret Henson  
Olenda Ruth Ingram & Family  
Eddie Johnson 
Frieda Lucas  
Sophie Lucas  
Sharon McFarland 
Mae McGee 
Chester Owens 
Rose Owens 
Deacon Harold & Pat Shanklin 
Elwood Scott, Jr 
Bettye Smith 
Anngelica Taylor 
Joseph & Juanita Thomas & Family 
Deacon Melvin & Eria Thomas & Family 
Rev. Kenneth Thomas   
Dawn Wesley   
Rhonda Wesley  
Alexander Williams Jr. & Family

Special Concerns

Courtney Anderson 
Lena Armstrong 
Vanessa Beck 
Bria Davis 
Halley Davis 
Patsy Dixon 
Alton Edwards, Sr.  
Darryl Edmon 
Patricia Field  
Jimmie Frederick  
Karen Garrett  
Deacon Ronald Goodwin 
Rochelle Green 
Rev. Tommie Green 
Zharmetta Hardimon 
Wanda Harrison 
Erica Hill 
Hazel Hill 
Carolyn Holiday 
Cecily Hurd  
Sonia Jackson 
Amanda James  
Letitia James 
Celeste Jefferson 
Yury Jimenez 
Tawna Lemon 
Ladev Lerma 
Danielle Lester  
Jamaal Mathis 
Yolanda Williams Mathis 
Mary McCorvey 
Willie Mitchell 
Frederick Nealy 
Carl Newton III  
Jade Nichols  
Huey and Krishna Payne 
Caleb Phillips  
Josephine Rather  
Valarie Richardson 
Lucretia Rogers 
Liska Sims 
Deandra Steele  
Khadyah Straight 
Sukenna W. Stokes  
Monica Thomas 
Justin Thomas 
Ashley Turner 
Deacon Cedric Wilson 
Rev. Barbara Woodard 
Betty Wooten  
The Hamm Family

Submitting a prayer request form is a simple and meaningful way to ask for support and guidance. Our team is committed to holding your prayer requests in confidence and offering our prayers on your behalf.