02/23 7 PM 47th Church Anniversary More Praise Concert

02/21 "More Like Christ" Bible Study

01/24/24 7 PM "MORE Like Christ" Bible Study

New Faith Church Worship Service 7:30 A 01/07/23

New Faith Church 7:30 A 12/31 NYE PRAISE PARTY

New Faith Church 10:30 A 12/24 Christmas Eve Service

New Faith Church 10:30 12/17 Christmas At NFC

New Faith Church 7:30 12/17 Christmas At NFC

New Faith Church Worship Service 11/26/23 10:30 am Service

NFC Wednesday Bible Study - 09/20

Wednesday Bible Study - 06/28/23

New Faith Church Graduate Recognition 06/25/23 10:30 am Service Guest Preacher Dr. Akeem Z. Walker

New Faith Church 06/25/23 7:30 am Service

Wednesday Bible Study - 06/21/23

Against All Odds

Submitting a prayer request form is a simple and meaningful way to ask for support and guidance. Our team is committed to holding your prayer requests in confidence and offering our prayers on your behalf.